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About Nianzishan

  Qiqihar Shengjin Tourism Development Co., Ltd. The main business scope includes: , municipal design, decoration design, landscape design, urban planning, ancient tourism design, curtain wall design, foundation pit design.Now,we have many scenic spots.
  The Snake fairy cave scenic spot not only has the ancient folklore and the new Stone Age human activity site, but also various lifelike hieroglyphic stone. From the top of the Cloud upon platform, there is an endless view of the mountains and rivers, overlooking the green Yalu river National Wetland Park.
  Aobao ridge mountain movement race track, to undertake the mountain marathon in recent years and the mountain bike race, national large-scale sports event, the scenery is exquisite, negative oxygen ion is high, is the collection sports leisure, an excellent tourist destination ecological tour.
  The Jin dynasty Great Wall ruins park was rated "one of the 100 most desirable places in the whole province" by the provincial tourism administration and the Commerce Departmentin 2010,. Greatwall a "second Great Wall in China," said, in Qiqihar is 206.15 kilometers, including the Nianzishan section has 30 kilometers, greatwall park covers a total area of 40000 square meters, is named after the first to Jin dynasty greatwall park along the Jin dynasty greatwall.
  The city is "a city made of Rice stone ", which fully embodies the stone culture, European culture and military culture in the mountainous area. The city center square century square has the world's longest Rice stone aisle and the largest granite tripod. Century square sits next to one of the founding of republic of China top ten general Zhu De personally inscription Hua An factory workers’ cultural center, both in appearance and internal structure of facilities is the '50 s and' 60 s last century style of of primitive simplicity. The entire city's facade has been transformed, and the streets and alleys of the city have been transformed, and the buildings along the street are like stepping into European towns.
  Military culture theme park based on Hua AN group experiment base deep military resources and long history culture creation, in order to meet the people look forward to see the mystery of the armaments factories of the whole process of production, product and real shooting range of curiosity.A large number of heavy weapons and live ammunition will be displayed in front of the tourists, so that the tourists will know the Weapons industry and the national defense.Hua An group experimental base has been awarded the national industrial tourism demonstration point, provincial defense education base and other honorary titles. The internal displays a large number of different calibre guns and artillery shells from different periods in our country.In addition, tourists can also watch the artillery experiment.
  Heilongjiang Province, Qiqihaer Shengjin tourism Design Co., Ltd. With excellent design work and a good sense of service, service for the majority of the owners, and make due contribution to building a better city .
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